Hamed Moqaddasi

I am an Iranian-Australian and I live in Central Queensland, Australia with my wife.

In my opinion, anyone can be and will be, a photographer at some stage in their life. My journey started when I was two years old when my auntie gave me a camera and guided me to push the shutter.

I captured my first photo then but I do not remember it! However, I believe that made me a photographer!

I love photography because it is in our blood. As a human, we evolved millions of years to be gatherers and hunters. In between, we tried to save our existence by painting on the cave walls and other forms of creations available to us.

I believe photography is a combination of all those; we gather photos from our memories and try to capture important moments of our lives. We hunt for a unique angle, a specific moment or a beautiful view and with all those, we are saving our memories with the hope that we will never be forgotten.

For me, personally, photography is also a way to bond with my wife and it has been our common interest, something that we enjoy doing together.

I made this website as an online portfolio to gather our work and share with others. We both work in different industries and photography is a hobby for us. I hope you enjoy the photos and we will be happy to hear your opinions and suggestions.

Ina Moqaddasi

Hi there. I’m Ina and I am a Filipino photo enthusiast. Unlike my husband, I took interest in photography later on in life when I was studying for my Bachelor Degree in Anthropology. I enjoyed taking snapshots of architectural designs, people, and many “ordinary items” in such a way that when other people look at the photos, they will see it in a new light. This interest in photography was not something I really pursued though. It, unfortunately, comes and goes depending on which stage I was in my life. That is why I’m glad to have this virtual portfolio to encourage my husband and I to really work on this interest and push ourselves to be better in the craft of photography.


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